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Thursday, 18 July, 2002 @ 11.52am GMT
Posted by Aneurin
Scat Cafe

Scat Cafe I once heard a story that Shirley Manson, the singer from grunge-pop outfit Garbage, used to get up of a morning, go downstairs and, without a word, curl out a long steaming turd onto her husband's cornflakes. All lies, surely, I thought, not because I hold a particularly high regard for the cleanliness of the Manson household, but because I simply did not believe such things could ever be true. That was before I had access to the internet, mind you, and since then such naiveté has been drummed out of my brain and I am forced to confront a world in which people will quite literally eat shit for money.

Now, if the slogan for this site were "more scat action than you could ever want" they would be the truest words ever written. Regrettably, those words do not appear on this site. Genuine quotes, however, include:

"Watch beautiful young people being smeared with Shit, Piss and Vomit!"

"If you like to watch movies of beautiful young women drowning in Piss, this is the site for you!"

"After joining Scat Cafe, simply select the delicacy of your choice."

Of course, "delicacy" may not be the most appropriate word to use on a site which then invites you to:

"Watch movies of young Scat lovers pull fresh Shit directly from their arse, only to FIST IT back in!"

"If you are a Connoisseur of quality Scat, you will love this site! Watch Young Scat lovers, smear, lick, smell and eat the finest Shit on the Net."

The finest shit?

Being a fully paid up member of the Scat Cafe gives you the dubious privilege of being able to view from a huge variety of scat related material, including, if the preview pages are any indication, some stuff that is so far from normal as to make you question the reality of it all. Pregnancy scat, anyone? Unfortunately, there are colour photographs to hammer home the fact that these things are all too real.

"Browse our photo collection of freshly laid shit. If you like farming for shit in toilet blocks watch our movies. We even give you helpful hints on where and how to Scat Farm."

And then, just when you thought you could not be any more shocked by this site, it delivers a final shit-covered kick to the teeth.

Scat Cafe

"The Scat Cafe even includes a rare collection of photographs and film footage from World War 2. Our SHOCKING Rape and Torture Nazi Scat scenes are not available anywhere else on the Net."

Next week: Save Karyn

Thursday, 18 July, 2002 @ 12.59am GMT
Posted by Seke
Big Brother update

Alex and Tim are up for eviction Eeuuuwwwhh Muum, I wanna roller disco arena Mum. Can I have one pleeeease? I do think the idea of giving the inmates/housemates fun stuff to do is a lot better telly-wise than punishing them the whole time. I mean what IS this all about? It's about entertainment for the punters and the suckers who pay 25p per SMS message. Take note for next time.

Penultimate week's evictions and my dream (well not just mine) has come true - Tim is up for eviction. I had a whole lot planned to say this week, but after seeing Tim whine to BB about not having his contact lenses in so that he didn't have to get off his flabby white arse to roller skate, I have just one thing to say. He is a spoilt CUNT and deserves the wrath of the public's fury when he leaves the house this Friday. COMPRENDE? And he WILL be leaving. I was going to say that he shouldn't have been prewarned as to the public's opinion, but now I really don't care. I bet he thinks he's some lovable Nasty Nick figure. Well, yeah, as long as he takes bricks through his window as a term of endearment.

Who do I really want to win? Well, on what basis does a person deserve to win? Jonny is the nicest guy, Kate is the nicest girl and a bloody good laugh, Alex has been entertaining, but let's face it, Jade, what would we have done without Jade? Jade has had more media space than Tony stinking Blair in the past few weeks. She has started the kind of viral email campaigns which us marketers can only dream of. Let's have a good think about who should win before dialling those numbers next week. Watch this space and let me know what you think in the forum. Who do you want to win? What do you think of the housemates?

Tuesday, 16 July, 2002 @ 10.41pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Shin Mina
'Miss World Cup' to debut as singer

Some people say making it big means getting noticed. And while World Cup soccer fans have done everything from body painting to shaving their heads to grab the media's attention, one lonesome figure managed to stand out among them all - Mina, otherwise known as Miss World Cup.

Donning an ensemble of a "Be the Reds!" T-shirt stripped down to a sexy bra-top, tight denim shorts and a wrap-around skirt made from a Korean flag, Mina caught the attention of local and foreign journalists during the semifinal Korea-Germany game June 25.

She managed to appear on enough newspaper covers - including Japanese newspapers - for netizens to begin circulating her sultry photos throughout cyberspace. It was only a matter of time before entertainment producers also noticed her.

Mina has since signed a contract with a major music production company and will debut her first album in September. This would not be her first foray into the music industry given her history as a back-up dancer for several famous performers. She is also a familiar figure among dance troupes in Apgujeong-dong and is already recognized by many celebrity managers.

"Given her attractive appearance and impressive dancing abilities, she has the makings of a pop star, and we believe her debut is well-timed with the end of the World Cup," said a management company representative, even as the Internet still buzzes with news and clips of the 25-year-old overnight sensation.

Source: Korea Herald

Okay guys, you can calm down now. She's all woman as we (well some of us) first thought. I couldn't find any other pics apart from the World Cup ones but you can be sure they'll be posted here if any new ones do crop up. Cheers to Sqerl for the link!

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Sunday, 14 July, 2002 @ 11.44pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Is this Harisu? Harisu redefines gender identity

It's been only four months since we first saw Harisu in a TV commercial for a cosmetic company. She was sitting, gazing at an indefinite point, with her long, dark hair flowing down her chest. Then she laughed, pulling her head back and letting her throat show conspicuously. At that moment you may have noticed an Adam's apple on her throat. You may have wondered, "Is she really a man?" But as is widely known now, the Adam's apple was a computer graphic fake.

She is definitely a woman, only someone who became one later than most, 19 years after birth, in fact. She is the first entertainer in Korea who has made it publicly known that she has had a transgender operation. And now she has become one of the most sought-after figures in the entertainment business, with only one TV commercial to her name.


In my quest to find out the true identity of that infamous South Korean fan, I stumble across a news story on my tagboard and some other sites claiming that she's a gender bender. I've posted a few pics below of Harisu for you to make your own mind up. Let me know what you think on the forum and take the poll. I don't see it myself but maybe that's because I don't want to. Plus I have no idea where this rumour originated from.

Harisu     Harisu     Harisu     Harisu     Harisu


Batman vs Superman
Click to enlarge

Director picked for 'Batman vs. Superman' movie

Wolfgang Petersen ("The Perfect Storm") will direct "Batman vs. Superman," with the major release targeted for a 2004 premiere via Warner Bros., Variety reports. In a script penned by Andrew Kevin Walker ("Seven"), the two superheroes are allies who come to mighty blows over what Petersen describes as differing philosophies.

"It is a clash of the titans," Petersen told Daily Variety. "They play off of each other so perfectly. (Superman) is clear, bright, all that is noble and good, and Batman represents the dark, obsessive and vengeful side. They are two sides of the same coin and that is material for great drama."


Ho ho ho.



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