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Friday, 5 July, 2002 @ 11.59pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
American Idol

They showed this clip here the other day from American Idol (yet another show you Americans nicked from us!). Kind of funny to see Simon Cowell get some jip back. On the other hand, the fat black bloke is all: "Dude, you're in America now, you can't do this!" What the fuck has that got to do with anything? The original Pop Idol show became so popular because the judges were brutally honest with the contestants - good or bad - especially Simon Cowell. Without that, it would've been another Making Of The Band or some shite like that. Boring. Apparently, the American contestants are quite talented in general which makes it less amusing to watch. Pop Idol had a wide range of people, a lot of them were like this poor bastard except we didn't have wiggas, it was goths strung out on smack trying to be Ricky Martin or Robbie Williams.

Three-legged tortoise Tortoise and the spare

Tina the three-legged tortoise is happily shuffling about again after being given a special wheel - and a set of spares. She had become depressed after a mystery predator bit off her right rear leg. Then model shop boss Simon England fitted a tiny axle to her shell. He added a 2in wheel and made several others for different surfaces.

Simon, of Frome, Somerset, was contacted by Longleat Safari Park, Wilts, where 50-year-old Tina is in pets' corner. Her carer Darren Beasley, 33, said: "She had a wheel before but it dug into her. She's got a new lease of life." Simon, 37, said: "It's the strangest job I've been involved with."

Source: The Sun

Stick a mower up her arse and she can cut the lawn while she shuffles around.

World Cup South Korean fan

Here's the pics of that South Korean fan from the World Cup. The site I linked to earlier in the week doesn't have them anymore and I've come to the conclusion that it's not Hyori Lee from the band Finkl as someone stated on a forum.

World Cup South Korean fan

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Wednesday, 3 July, 2002 @ 11.35pm GMT
Posted by Seke
Big Brother update

Jade Am I the only one at this stage who feels that Alison should have stayed in. The remaining housemates seem to have lost their sparkle for me and I just feel Alison had a bit of 'spunk'. Although there have been a few bits going on, I don't really feel all that motivated to share. But I will.

Well Sophie was given the old heave ho, as we all knew she would, and she seems to have scrubbed up quite nicely the times I've seen her on Big Brother's Little Brother, but who will be out this Friday? I don't think it's going to be so clear-cut. Adele, Jade, Jonny and Kate are all up for eviction, but I can't see many people voting for the last two. I personally don't know whether I'd choose the 'virgin bi-sexual chicken killer' or 'Pigsy'. Jade is a tad of a backstabber, but I've seen quite a mean streak in Adele this week. I do sometimes wonder whether we are being shown select footage though. I do however agree with Sir Graham Norton that it's just so much more fun to keep Jade in.

Call me Satan if you will, ah go on, but there is a part of me that is really really looking forward to Jade getting booted out. Not because I want her out of the house, but I can't wait to see all the abuse she'll get. I happened to glance at The Mirror this morning, not that I normally would, working for a quality broadsheet and all, but it was rather hard to miss the headline. Yes, whilst most newspapers carried news of the tragic mid air collision earlier this week The Mirror carried 'MY HELL WITH PIG-BROTHER', a warts and all by her so called boyfriend. Inside no less than 4 first-quarter pages were filled with captions like 'SHE'S A DRUNK DEVIOUS PIG-FACED SLUT'. I do feel quite sorry for her, but like an old hag knitting at a beheading, I can't wait to watch the spectacle of it all.

Tuesday, 2 July, 2002 @ 8.53pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Thanks to Kitty for helping me find Nischmole from the last post - check out her site, she's a mentalist! Also, visit Pezlicious even though she promised a fan sign and never delivered, hmmph.

FunkaY has been added to portal 5, finally a chick that likes football therefore she rocks.

He-cat or She-cat   --   Thicko Song   --   Ultimate Soccer Showdown

Ana Hickmann Ana Hickmann Ana Hickmann Ana Hickmann Ana Hickmann Ana Hickmann

Ana Hickmann

Saturday, 29 June, 2002 @ 12.13pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Who is this cam chick?

Random hoes is up but who are these cam chicks? Send an e-mail and let me know, kthx.

Who is this cam chick?   Who is this cam chick?   Who is this cam chick?   Who is this cam chick?

Gen     Kim     Kitty     Krystle     Leah

Recent additions to the portals: Gen, Kim, Kitty, Krystle, Leah, Mimi, Nicky, Raven, Sinister Her and Sofia.

Mimi     Nicky     Raven     Sinister Her     Sofia

Bloke gets shoulder dislocated because of a wasp in his trousers You've buzzed my arm

Desperate Dan Griffiths yelled for help as a wasp flew up his trousers - and a pal hit him with a spade, busting his arm. Matt Locking, 26, was helping Dan, 27, dig foundations for a conservatory when he heard him wail and saw him leaping up and down.

He thought Dan might have struck an underground power cable and was being electrocuted. So he grabbed the spade and whacked him in the chest to knock him clear. Now computer specialist Dan will be off work for three weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

He said yesterday: "I was worried about this wasp up my trousers. Suddenly Matt came at me and started hitting me with a spade. I thought he'd flipped and it was really painful. I started to panic. All I could think was that he was going to kill me. Then he had the audacity to ask if I was all right. I wanted to throttle him. But when he explained I burst out laughing, even though my shoulder was hurting."

The pair were digging at Dan's 170,000 house in Leeds. Salesman Matt, 26, said: "I'd gone inside to make a drink and looked out to see him kicking his leg violently. His other hand was on a pickaxe embedded in the soil. I thought he had hit a live wire. I could have died when he told me about the wasp.

Dan added: "It was agony - but at least the wasp didn't sting me."

Source: The Sun

Haha, for all his flailing about because of a wasp up his trousers, he gets a dislocated shoulder for it. Reminds me of the guy who flashed and blamed a wasp in his trousers.

World Cup South Korean fan

South Korea play Turkey today in the World Cup Playoff so what better way to mark the occasion other than some pics of a fine Korean chick.



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