Aneurin: No, thats way off. That girl was Franka Potente. Linda Cardellini is ... um, anyone?
Floorgasm: linda cardellini was in scooby doo and bone chillers
uggs: .
Jocelyn: *blank*
Floorgasm: /me feeds jocelyn a soggy biscuit --->
zwoode: freaks and geeks
Prosui: prosuiiiii
Jocelyn: EEEWWW, dude
Floorgasm: you love it!
Jocelyn: mmm sperm jam.
smug: that golden arrow game makes your keys do commands, like f is to find and r is to run so watch out
Lisa: hi
Floorgasm: hi lisa!
danika: still waiting for the show where convicts get to try and outrun cops for their freedom, that would be so sweet!!
Jocelyn: hopefully they'll all be canables
kemp: my side oil smells
Jocelyn: mmmm, smell
Floorgasm: j00 steenky
Jocelyn: it was dyeing, not bleaching :\ My sis used to do it, dunno why
Jocelyn: omifuk, 'swan' and I are like.. boob twins!!
Floorgasm: dyeing - bleaching.. same thing! well they used peroxide...
Floorgasm: omifuk @ your boobs!
Satan: hopefully parents will teach there kids so gipms like StarGirls dont have to!!!!!
Satan: i'm sorry BLOODY gimps!!!!
Floorgasm: the star girls make me larf
HardKorRava: Dat swan bird is FINE!!
Floorgasm: i'll post more swan pics in the near future..
Liv Da: Why read when you can see all of the same links here, 3 days later? ...oh, wait...
Floorgasm: foiled
Aneurin: Why keep coming to this site if you don't like it? Besides these links are better.
Jocelyn: and, it's a contraversy!!! ahhhh
Floorgasm: oh nos, it's all coming out now! actually because i'm lazy they post the links before i do!
Floorgasm: they steals from me, i tells ya!
Jocelyn: sure, sure
danika: i come here because, if the "music reviews" suck, which they do, theres usually hot chicks at the end of the article.
Jocelyn: ooooh. shit. watch out, it be a bitch dyke, AHhhh
Jocelyn: lol, your forum is almost as dead as mine.
Floorgasm: you have a forum? people should post more in mine! do eet!
Jocelyn: "you have a forum? " My point, exactly!
Floorgasm: shit, forgot to add the notify email mod
Floorgasm: i knew i wasnt hallucinating, you're just toying with me
Jocelyn: muhaha... come to camchat, sir
Jocelyn: too late
Floorgasm: sheeit girl, i was asleep
danika: is there any nudity/breasts in this camchat?
Jocelyn: maybeee
danika: nother reason i like oioideej, it takes a day to load, so, while the screen is all black, i can clean it!
Floorgasm: dial-up sucka!
n8: looky who followed Jocelyn here ....
Rendiew: heh
Jocelyn: oh looky it's n8. muhaha
Jocelyn: actually, blonde hair is a submissive gene, so the dominent gene of burnette will overcome all true blondes.
Floorgasm: yes it's a recessive gene but so is haemophilia
Floorgasm: same with cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anaemia
danika: free ODB
Jocelyn: weee
Jocelyn: ok, this is pissing me off. has ANYONE solved ANY of the damn matchstick problems?
Floorgasm: not me, i think i lasted about 10mins before i closed it
Jocelyn: w00t, I got one
Tricky: yep... solved first few Matchsticks... drove me nuts so had to work it out
Sofia: <3!