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Thursday, 6 June, 2002 @ 1.16pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

Thanks to Jen for the fan sign. SHE IS TEH GRATE!!!11@# I feel so privileged. I'm not sure what's worse, the Vengaboys lyrics on Jen's current cam image or me knowing that they're Vengaboys lyrics, heheh.

Hasim Rahman sports a severe hematoma on his forehead

Heavyweight fighter Hasim Rahman sports a severe hematoma on his forehead during the eighth round of his heavyweight fight against Evander Holyfield in Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 1, 2002. The 39-year old Holyfield was awarded a split technical decision in the eighth round.

Tuesday, 4 June, 2002 @ 9.43pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Spiderman John Spiderman John Spiderman John Spiderman John

HAWT! Spiderman John was found at this site which has been taken offline for the time being due to bandwidth problems.

Christina Silvas and daughter Stripper mom poses for Playboy website

A California woman who quit a stripping job so her 5-year-old daughter could return to her Christian school has now posed nude for Playboy's website, although disappointed church officials said the child would not be expelled this time.

Christina Silvas, 24, drew international headlines when her daughter was expelled from kindergarten two weeks ago at Capital Christian School in Sacramento on grounds her mother's job as a nude dancer violated the church's "Christian Philosophy" agreement.


The Christina Silvas nudes from Playboy are here:

Sunday, 2 June, 2002 @ 8.30pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Mini Motty
Now that the World Cup is well under way, you can download the desktop buddy style Mini Motty to keep up with the live football scores and news. You can select 5 teams to receive alerts when they score or concede a goal, a player gets booked or sent off, a substitution is made, a match kicks off, reaches half-time or finishes.

Have you ever eaten a pot noodle?

Have you ever fantasised about owning a Ford Escort?

Have you ever offered to buy a cigarette from someone?

Have you ever visited a Little Chef or Happy Eater apart from to use the loos in desperation?

Do you refuse to poo at work?

I did this test and it came back with: "You are definately entering the danger zone here. You have owned at sometime in your life a pet fish won from a funfair. You regularly buy Superdrug's own brand toiletries but ensure you carry them home in a Clinique carrier bag. You have a number of gold cards and a run a respectable enough car, however, you would do well to remove the 'Baby on Board' sticker from the back. You enjoy good food and wine courtesy of Delia Smith's home cookery course and have been to University.." Most of that is complete bollocks apart from the fish thing. It's not like everyone didn't win a goldfish or two at the fair which usually died within a week. Not sure how refusing to have a dump at work has anything to do with being posh or not. Are you posh or common?



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