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Friday, 21 June, 2002 @ 5.45am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Only another 2 hours until the big game where England will triumph and proceed towards the Semi Final of the World Cup! COME ON ENGLAND!!!

Lucy Clarkson    Lucy Clarkson
Gisele Bundchen    Gisele Bundchen

In 5 hours, we'll see the Germanians knocked out and on their way home (one can only hope). I'd laugh my fucking arse off if that happened.

Heidi Klum    Heidi Klum
Kim Smith    Kim Smith

Wednesday, 19 June, 2002 @ 11.33pm GMT
Posted by Seke
Big Brother update

Sandy escapes Not sure about those bars. Really not sure about those bars, I mean fine for a gimmick for a few weeks but for the rest of the show? Um, sack the person who had that stonking idea. They say that BB3 has the highest ratings of all the rest and I agree this is the first one I've watched all the way from the start, but let's be frank if we can, they don't do nuttin'. There have been a few snogs and gropes, but that's all. Well I'm sorry kids, but that don't rock my boat.

And it's not just us who find it boring, Sandy had to scale a wall commando style in an effort to inject a bit of action into the show. That whole rich thing, poor thing just isn't entertaining, who gives a stuff. Give them something to do, something that'll make or break them PLEASE. The only bit of entertainment this week was Jade and 'Dellie' having a scrap about a verucca and poor little Alex screaming at the top of his little voice to get some calm. 4 star points to Alex.

Jade and Adele fight it out Even though a lot of people wanted both Jade and Alex out in the first week, I think we have all come to see that they are mighty entertaining.

Also good to see the back of dumb-dumb Lee, the way I see it, he is too thick to have a game plan and my only explanation for his bird being so lenient with him is that she told him that flirting with everyone would keep him in the house. Meanwhile she was at home planning what to do with the 70k.

Alex - up for eviction The next ideal nomination would be Sophie, I'm sorry, but she just rubs me up the wrong way. She's slimey - no other way I can explain it - she's right up herself too. PJ next for being such a girly twat when Alex didn't choose him to be on the rich side. Peej mate, there were about 5 other people that he didn't pick too, get a grip.

As for this week's nominations, it'll be a close one. There are the ikkle girlies who love Spencer and yeah he's okay, but then there are the older and wiser population who have come to realise that Alex is such good value. He has his faults, but who wants a house full of tree hugging hippies?

It's a tough one, but for fear of breaking up a sesh between him and Kate, I think Spencer should be the one to go.

Monday, 17 June, 2002 @ 9.35pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
3D Stickman - Nowhere near as good as the Xiao Xiao series. Kind of lame if you ask me.

Driven By Boredom - I'll be doing the Plastic Wrap Pr0n Competition again this year with Igor. It'll be bigger, better and there'll be more prizes than last time round. You can submit your entries now or wait for me to spam you, I'm not bothered either way. If you want to donate prizes and be linked on a page that was getting 15,000+ hits a day during PWP 2001 then contact me.

Outsider - A web-based science fiction comic that looks promising.

Saturday, 15 June, 2002 @ 4.02pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Woman accused of cutting off man's buttocks, leaving him near death on rural Ala. road

A woman enraged at her boyfriend attacked him with a utility knife and cut off nearly all of his buttocks, leaving him near death on a dark, rural road, a prosecutor said Thursday.


It's always women that turn into mentalists and cut off body parts in spite. If it's not dicks, it's a bloody arse. You don't see blokes going around cutting off their partner's tits do you?! Here's the mugshot of stab-happy Kimberly King.

South Korean fan in World Cup suicide

A South Korea man in his mid-twenties died Friday after setting himself on fire and leaving a chilling suicide note saying he wanted to be "a ghost and the 12th player" for his team in the World Cup, police said.

"I'm choosing death because South Korea has to go far to compete with the Latin American and European teams. I will be a ghost and the 12th player on the pitch and do my best for our team," police in the southeastern city of Pusan quoted the note as saying.


Football fever gone a little too far. Not that the South Koreans needed a 12th man against Portugal yesterday as the Portuguese went a bit crazy and had two players sent off.

Sven Goran Eriksson
Sven Goran Eriksson
Sven wannabe
Sven wannabe

Boy cuts his hair like Sven!

World Cup haircuts are all the rage, but one England fan has given David Beckham's outrageous Mohican style the red card.

10-year-old Tom Sylvester decided looking like England's captain wasn't for him, and has had his hair cut like Sven instead.


Somehow I don't foresee this catching on like Beckham's mohican did. Don't ask me how I know.

"Elexa suffers from a rare disease that I've never seen in person and only seen on old episodes of Oprah. The disease I'm referring to is "Ieatnearlyeverythingicangetmyhandson". It's often seen in toddlers, but in most cases, the toddlers have the smarts not to swallow anything. There has been tons of research on making things toddler proof so that these objects cannot be swallowed. Well you know what? I say it's time we make things GothFatChick Proof!" Read more of Daign's Elexa review.

Brazilian womens football team

The following pics are nudes of the 'Brazilian womens football team'. Let it be known that real women football players do not look like this.



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