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Wednesday, 15 May, 2002 @ 11.59pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

Thanks to Rhi for the fan sign - I do love Elexa but not as much as my wonderful, beautiful fiancee Byra! I haven't been sent fan signs for ages, what's wrong witchoo?!

Fined for underage cybersex

A man has been fined in Perth district court for having cybersex with an underage girl he had never met, a report said today.

Shop assistant Deonn Robert Henwood, 26, pleaded guilty to encouraging the 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual behaviour.


DO U WANT 2 CYBAR?!!!11 Bet he's regretting that line now. Fined a thousand smackers for cybering! Igor best watch himself with those 13-year-olds.

Calif. panty check teacher says she was 'vilified'

A high school administrator who lifted the skirts of teen girls to make sure they were not wearing thong panties, infuriating parents and making national headlines, says her career has been destroyed because she tried to protect her students.

Rita Wilson, a vice principal at Rancho Bernardo High School in suburban San Diego who was placed on leave two weeks ago after parents demanded her resignation, defended her actions in a tearful interview with NBC San Diego TV news.


She's banging on about making sure "bottoms" are covered up and bras are worn yet she's lifting skirts and asking students to undress in front of classmates and police officers? And she wonders why people are talking shit about her. Safety issue my arse! Just wish there was this freak dancing when I was still at school.

Sunday, 12 May, 2002 @ 8.02pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

Sunday, 12 May, 2002 @ 4.15pm GMT
Posted by Irn
McDee's (Part 2)

McDonald's - not into nonsense Last time I revealed how the staff at everyone's favourite place to purchase edible scheisser were quite the contrary to what's portrayed on their TV commercials.

"Flaschen wichser!" I hear you cry!


Surely the managers of McDonald's can't be as inadequate as the burger monkeys at the counter. They run the shit. MickyD's is like in five hundred thousand million billion trillion countries in Africa alone so they must be doing something right management wise.

I gave a local MickyD's a call to hear what they had to say about this incident, where a McCustomer got a McBeating right McIn the McFace! I asked if they'd ever smacked a customer for being wrong to which I got the reply: "I'm not into nonsense." The girl promptly hung up after that. Damn straight that bitch isn't into nonsense.

Conclusion: penis.

Let's talk about cam girls for a minute. Aren't they lovely? I like the ones with the big massive booblies and the ones that look pretty. Apart from they are fuckers. You know.

"Life is like a box of chocolates, the most enjoyable bits are sticky and involve sucking," is how the saying goes. But is this true? I can categorically say "NO!" or "NO YOU BASTARD!" Flying a jet fighter is one of the most enjoyable bits in life and it doesn't involve stickiness or sucking. I think. So remember that just because something's a saying, it doesn't mean that it's true.

Saturday, 11 May, 2002 @ 1.54pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
The Matrix: Reloaded   The Matrix: Reloaded   The Matrix: Reloaded   The Matrix: Reloaded

Here's a few images from The Matrix: Reloaded showing Neo fighting off numerous versions of Agent Smith who can now replicate himself, Jada Pinkett Smith who plays a ship captain and a new set of villains wearing platinum clothing.

According to Variety, Michael Mann is set to pen the script and produce a Miami Vice movie. No word yet as to whether Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas will reprise their roles as Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.

Robber stashes money up arse Police: robbery suspects hide money in buttocks

Officials found stolen loot during prison check

Police said that a case involving a daring heist and a quick getaway is one of the strangest they've ever handled, and you'll never believe where the money turned up.


Hah, foiled! If only the bloke had an arse the size of Elexa's, he'd have no probs concealing the dosh. Could manage a few grand up there.. hell you could get anything up there, it's like a humongous black hole. Just imagine doing a cavity search on that!

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