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Thursday, 7 June, 2001 @ 3.11am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Apart from these fine young ladies, the General Election sucks

Today is the General Election. Am I gonna vote? Am I 'eck! These wimmins look nice though.

Worker testifies to food tainting

As cooks prepared sandwiches at a Burger King restaurant in Henrietta, they kept an assembly line of fast food moving smoothly.

But when customers asked to hold the pickles or hold the lettuce -- or requested any special order that would break the tempo -- some cooks became upset and retaliated, a former employee said yesterday.


We know fuck damn well they spit on the burgers and shit (or piss on them as the case may be) yet we still go back for more...

Burglary uncovers man's cache of child pornography

About six weeks ago a group of thieves broke into the Melbourne home of a senior state public servant, taking off with his lap-top computer and video recorder.

But what police found more interesting were some other items the thieves discovered - but did not take - from their middle-aged victim's home.


A word of advice, never click a link that Jacquie posts on IRC. Otherwise, the FBI could come a-knocking on your door (they'll more than likely break it down) and ram foreign objects up your bunghole for a laugh. You'll probably get more of that in the slammer when you get sent down for all that kiddie porn you inadvertently downloaded (thanks Jacquie).

You have the right to remain silent...and deadly

Eight Metropolitan Police officers are to be the subject of a new 'whodunnit' - and this time the allegations are that something did not smell quite right about the case.

The detectives will all be investigated by Scotland Yard's internal disciplinary body after a complaint was lodged that one of them broke wind in front of a family while carrying out a drugs raid in Chingford, Essex.


Please tell me this is a joke. Time and money going down the shithole just because someone complained about one police officer FARTING?! Where's the common sense? Why are they even pursuing it in the first place? It's a drugs bust, you're all excited/nervous and the tension has built up to a point where you let one rip at an inopportune moment. It happens all the time, I'm sure you know what I mean. It's not like the dude went over and 'cut the cheese' intentionally.

Luna Lane nudes

Luna Lane

Luna1   --   Luna2   --   Luna3   --   Luna4

Luna5   --   Luna6   --   Luna7   --   Luna8   --   Luna9

Monday, 4 June, 2001 @ 10.11pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Police nab breast-temptress thieves

Three young Colombian women preyed on men by smearing their breasts with a powerful drug and luring the victims into taking a lick, before making off with their wallets and cars, police said on Friday.

The women stood by the side of the road near bars and restaurants in wealthy parts of the capital Bogota, striking seductive poses to lure men driving by to stop, a police spokeswoman told Reuters.


Over 3 million Chinese drink their own urine

More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in the belief it is good for their health, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday.

Participants at a recent seminar on the practice in the northeastern city of Shenyang were told that urine contains many active ingredients which strengthen the immune system, Xinhua said.


Saturday, 2 June, 2001 @ 5.12am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
VH1.com gets hax0red

I spy a little goatse.cx over at VH1.com!



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