Enter Mac & Bumble!
Enter Mac & Bumble!
OI OI DEEJ! Enter Mac & Bumble!
Enter Mac & Bumble!

Friday, 4 May, 2001 @ 11.43pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
This is fucking insane. My mate will be on national TV tomorrow so all you Brits out there, watch Stars In Their Eyes at around 8.10pm GMT. Keep an eye out for Inez from Nottingham - she's going to be Christina Aguilera!

Animaculine has been added to portal 1.

Sabrina Ferilli        Sabrina Ferilli        Sabrina Ferilli        Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli

Thursday, 3 May, 2001 @ 11.58pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Lisa Snowdon        Lisa Snowdon        Lisa Snowdon        Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon

Thursday, 3 May, 2001 @ 10.01am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Look, it's Sarah SMILING! This doesn't happen too often but when it does, she looks real cute. Anyway it made my day. <3 <3 <3 Sarah!


Why does she love me and why the grin? Well some Italian dude STOLE the pic of Sarah with Chilly the chinchilla on her head from an earlier post. I mean can you believe the audacity of these people on the in-tur-nets?! Pfftt. So in a friendly gesture, we replaced the original with this lovely pic plus a special message for our Italian friends. That'll learn him! Next time, get permission.

Talkin' off the hizzle with homeys

Berkeley High dictionary can help parents translate latest slang

At Berkeley High School, when you're bubbalatin' with your whoady, it's important to look ghetto-fabulous.

Parental translation: When you're spending time with your friends, it's important to look good in your clothes.


As a non-American, this all sounds so batty. "Bubbalatin' with your whoady, it's important to look ghetto-fabulous!" Bwahahahaha! Do people actually say this shit? I don't know what makes you sound more gay - this or speaking French fast. Wickety-wack!

Chuck urges computerised prescriptions

Poorly handwritten prescriptions and other "preventable medical errors" kill 98,000 Americans each year, says Sen. Chuck Schumer. He wants more than $300 million in federal funds made available to help hospitals computerise prescription systems.


Why is it that all doctors write like epileptic 5-year-olds? I'm surprised that in this day and age - where people are suing left, right and centre - that it's not all been computerised already. It'd be funny if the pharmacist read my prescription wrong and I ended up 6 feet under. I wouldn't be around to appreciate it but it'd still be funny all the same.

Technology in a tin offers instant hot coffee

The burgeoning love affair between the British and their coffee is about to become more intimate as caffeine fiends prepare to cut out the middle man and get down to basics.

For those seeking an instant fix without the grind of interminable queues and the plethora of choice in well known coffee houses, the ideal solution presents itself in the humble form of a can.

A simple push of a button and a gentle shaking action is all it will take to satisfy the urge for a hot beverage any time, any place, anywhere.

Trials of Nestle's new "hot when you want" coffee, the first of its kind in Britain, are to begin in the midlands at the end of May.


Now all we need is a self-cooling beer can and we're sorted for the summer. Although I would prefer JD rather than that foul swill but any alcohol will do.

Tuesday, 1 May, 2001 @ 11.47am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Sweet Jebus! <3 Brosie!

Ali G     Super Greg

New poll is up. I was saving this for a feature on Ali G vs Super Greg but I don't know shit about the latter so fuck it. The fact that I'm a lazy shiote didn't come into it.

More rude bhoy wiggas!

Bling bling!
"Clearly we are ghetto. I mean weez been sellin drugz fo years to afford these phones, this jewlery and this computer that weez hax0ring on nizzow! I swear we dont live in the suburbz and get the money from our rich parentz. Niga we thug life, tru to the street!"

Andrea Thompson nudes

Andrea Thompson

Andrea1  --  Andrea2  --  Andrea3  --  Andrea4  --  Andrea5


W00t! Syron made me a new set of buttons. Cheers me ol' mucker! He also took a screenshot of the "is david beckhams penis big?" search engine query.

Is David Beckham's penis big?

There's probably not going to be too much news commentary while I'm updating the galleries over the next few weeks (the first of which should surface on Wednesday). Hopefully Namaka will be posting soon if she can get her arse in gear. Helena, Paige and Karinno are new additions to the cam portals. Huzzah!



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