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Thursday, 26 April, 2001 @ 11.59pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

How cool is this pic?! She rawks. And so does Sarah. uNF! I'm not even gonna wait for the end of the poll, Lalieta does my nut in. What with her Nay/Lipgloss Assassin wannabe ways so Sarah replaces her on portal 1.

Anna Horny-kova        Anna Horny-kova

You just gotta love poorly manipulated images like this! I can't remember who posted this on IRC, do forgive me.

Teen injures friend in alleged 'Jackass' stunt

Boys charged with wanton endangerment

Two teenage boys from Greater Cincinnati are in hot water after a stunt aimed at getting them on a popular MTV show failed.

One teen raced a car at the second teen, who was standing in the middle of a road in Northern Kentucky, according to Independence police officials.

The boy in the path of the car was supposed to jump out of the way at the last second. However, he did not move in time, and the car slammed into him, police said.


There isn't a day that goes by without a Jackass stunt being featured in the news. What the fuck is wrong with these people?! They're willing to risk life and limb for this Dumbass show just so they can get on TV. Do they expect us to watch this crap and laugh at other people's expense? Although it was kinda funny watching this kid's body bounce off the car like that. Hrmmm, Jackass is on MTV right? Hook it up.

Saturday, 21 April, 2001 @ 9.54pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
It seems like every fagbag is spamming this ARS shiote and banging on about receiving their $500 cheques each week. Aaron just got his and he says it works so I'm gonna try it out. Hop onnnn baby! All you webmasters sign up now and earn $50 per referral! If you're not a webmaster, sign up anyway!

The poll has been updated. Can you guess who my favourite camgirls are? Actually, Chelle doesn't really bother me... much. Regarding the previous poll, 36% of you said you'd do the Olsen twins in the arse. Perverts.



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