Enter Mac & Bumble!
Enter Mac & Bumble!
OI OI DEEJ! Enter Mac & Bumble!
Enter Mac & Bumble!

Friday, 25 January, 2002 @ 11.53pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Miss Cleo
Miss Cleo's computer was stolen. Dat John Edward sent his goons to Miss Cleo's house to take mah power earring and all mah stuff. I knew dey was comin, so I was waiting with a bat, but it was no match for dem.

I had to call up my West Indies connection to get mah stuff back, plus interest if you know what I mean, babies.

All dee otha TV psychics are out to keep the Cleo down, but dey can't win, babies. CLEO IS UNSTOPPABLE! STEP TO DEE CLEO AND YOU GET CAPPED IN THE KNEES!

An excerpt from Miss Cleo's LiveJournal.

Wednesday, 23 January, 2002 @ 11.56pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Floats like a batty boy! Stings like a beeatch! In da cinema March 22, 2002.

Who ate all the pies? Whose fault is fat?

Experts weigh holding food companies responsible for obesity

But obesity is not just an American image crisis - it's fast becoming our most serious public health problem. Indeed, obesity now rivals smoking in its deadliness and is linked to diseases such as type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

An estimated 300,000 Americans die each year from fat-related causes, and we spent $117 billion in obesity-related economic costs just last year, U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher reported last month.


Pathetic. Why is it that Americans always look to sue no matter what? Getting that fat arse on the treadmill and cutting down on the Big Macs might go some way to losing weight. A lawsuit won't trim your waistline - responsibility should be taken for things that are your own damn fault.

If only Euro notes were like these:

Sydney Moon nudes

Sydney Moon

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Monday, 21 January, 2002 @ 10.14pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm



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