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Monday, 24 December, 2001 @ 3.03am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Sexey's Hot Twelve Schoolgirl calendar 'too sexy'

A boarding school was criticised yesterday for producing a glossy calendar featuring pupils in seductive poses.

The 12 pictures include one of Sarah Bennett, a sixth-former, gazing at the camera with her arms folded across her topless cleavage. Another shows a teenage girl at Sexey's School, in Bruton, Somerset, in a sleeveless black dress, draped between two cushions with a finger touching her lips.

Child protection groups criticised the 2002 calendar for its potential attraction to adults who prey on vulnerable young people. The calendar, which was approved by staff at the voluntary aided school, is entitled Sexey's Hot Twelve. It also includes teenage boys and has sold at Ł5 a time to raise money for the school.

Chris Hollis, regional director of Childline, said: "It is ill-considered and gives out mixed messages. The photographs are provocative and seductive, to put it mildly. Our concerns would be it is presenting individual children in the photograph and young people as a whole as sex objects.

"These are clearly older young people, not the pre-pubescent children usually favoured by paedophiles. But it could give out the wrong message to adults who are oriented towards forming adult relationships with young people. They could see this sort of thing as a way to excuse their behaviour."

The NSPCC said: "It would be inadvisable to put this calendar out since it could attract unwelcome attention and could put young people in a vulnerable position. We think it is inappropriate for a school to be publishing this kind of material."

Sexey's Hot Twelve The calendar was produced as part of a business project by senior pupils. The 400-pupil secondary school published 500 copies and most were bought immediately after going on sale on Monday.

Paul Francis, a teacher who runs the Young Enterprise project, said: "The pupils have done really well because they had to find a niche market. They went throughout the school to see if there was a demand for the calendar and they knew they had the Christmas market. The calendar is of really good quality."

The school's head of marketing, Jackie Fairhurst, said: "Our students have been buying copies and taking them home as presents for parents. We have had no complaints from anyone about the content of the calendar."

A mother of a sixth-former said yesterday that she had no idea why people objected to the calendar. She said: "I have seen it and don't see what the fuss is about. There's nothing wrong with it at all." Somerset county council said: "Essentially this is a matter for the school.

"The education authority is fully supportive of schools marketing themselves and exploring ways of raising money. But we do not consider that this is an appropriate way of doing so."

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Why are people getting all menstrual about these tame calendar pics when young people are exploited all the time in the modelling industry. Models have been presented as sex objects since forever and taken advantage of yet I don't see Childline getting their knickers in a twist about it. It's not as if there's any nipplage in this Sexey's Hot Twelve calendar unlike the daily catwalk shows underage models do, say for example, Elizabeth Jagger.

Bangin' Choon: PPK - ResuRection (Space Club Mix)

When 999 emergency is getting a lift home

The woman dialled 999 last Tuesday and complained: "My husband won't listen to me." So would they send an ambulance for him immediately?

The man demanded to be rushed to hospital on December 6 "because I feel ill after picking my nose, dipping the finger in jam and eating it". A woman's friend had turned up drunk on December 8, "so can she have an ambulance to get her home as she can't get a cab?"

Emergency calls such as these - all logged this winter - have reached such a spate that the London ambulance service will today launch an appeal to the public to "stop using ambulances as free taxis".


Hahaha, I never thought people would have the audacity to ring 999 and say: "I feel ill after picking my nose, dipping the finger in jam and eating it". The 31-year-old female who sniffed deodorant by accident, felt fine but was worried has to be my favourite.

I nabbed this cheesy party safety guide from the paper, you never know, it could prove useful...

Mistle-woe... a twig in the eye often offends
Mistle-woe... a twig in the eye often offends

The party season is in full swing but, be warned - it can be a jungle if you don't have your wits about you.

Danger lurks everywhere for the hapless reveller out for a bit of innocent, tongue-in-cheek fun such as photocopying your bum.

Roger Vincent, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, says: "Inhibitions are loosened after a few drinks but sitting on a photocopier is very dangerous and we advise people to stick to good old-fashioned mistletoe."

But is mistletoe really risk-free?

Here, we take a look at the pitfalls you could face at your party.

MALEVOLENT MISTLETOE: Kissing under the mistletoe might seem hazard-free - but after too much mulled wine, puckering up and shoving a twig into somebody's face could easily backfire.

Blinding your victim is unlikely to result in a sizzling snog.

Don't get smashed... photocopier glass can easily shatter
Don't get smashed... photocopier glass can easily shatter

GANGSTA WRAPPING: Everyone loves opening presents but do watch out for nasty paper cuts.

The edge of the wrapping paper can slice through your skin like an electric carving knife through sage stuffing. OK, so you won't bleed to death - but wear gardening gloves, just to be on the safe side.

COPIER CASUALTY: If spending Christmas with a shard of glass up your bum sounds fun then, hey, climb aboard and hit the Print button.

But don't come running to us when the glass shatters and ruins the craic.

That's nuts... be an over-ambitious dancer and you could be waltzed off to hospital
That's nuts... be an over-ambitious dancer and you could be waltzed off to hospital

DANCEFLOOR DANGER: Boogie-woogie all night long by all means but don't try any jazzy John Travolta moves or, God forbid, the splits.

You'll be singing falsetto and walking like John Wayne for weeks.

FATAL FANCY DRESS: Don't be tempted by topicality - adopting the bin Laden look won't win you many friends - although you might become more intimate with members of Special Branch.

Bin nice knowing you... the wrong fancy dress outfit could be explosive
Bin nice knowing you... the wrong fancy dress outfit could be explosive

TINSEL TRAUMA: Wearing a bit of tinsel might make you look the part. But trailing it around your neck is a no-no. It's not big and it's not clever. A real choking hazard.

KAMIKAZE KARAOKE: Christmas karaoke is painful enough for your audience, but braining the boss as you swing the microphone around like Freddie Mercury should be avoided at all costs.

Dr Carol Cooper, says: "There are always adverse events at parties, such as paper hats catching fire and broken teeth from Christmas puddings. One lady died from swallowing the plastic robin on the top of her Christmas cake.

Only choking... tinsel can be bad noose
Only choking... tinsel can be bad noose

"Every hospital will get an average of between two and three eye injuries from Christmas trees and others from tree decorations. And there are 1,000 electric shocks and a handful of fatalities from Christmas tree lights each year."

So have yourself a merry, safe little Christmas this year. No woe ho hos!

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