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Enter Mac & Bumble!

Wednesday, 24 October, 2001 @ 10.59pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

Kathy rocks mah world! Can't read a bladdy word of German but her site looks pretty coo'. I just look at the picshures anyway.

This shit is MENTAL MENTAL CHICKEN ORIENTAL. Have a gander and buy one... or three. You know you want to.

I added Bizarre magazine to the links section because unlike most people that ask to be linked, Bizarre had followed the unwritten rule of linking me first. Link whores, you'll go far by following Bizarre's fine example! And if you missed the 50th Special Edition which included the Top 10 E/N Sites (featuring OI OI DEEJ!), here's the scan of my claim to fame. Now go out and buy Bizarre, it's a great mag!

Tuesday, 23 October, 2001 @ 2.38am GMT
Posted by Ms Perkins
This is just a little update on what you can expect to see movie wise in the coming year... info sourced mainly from Coming Attractions.

For all you Austin Powers fans out there Austin Powers 3: Goldmember is set for release in July 2002 with the return of Heather Graham, Mike Myers and Rob Lowe, with a possibility of Beyonce from Destiny's Child pitching in. The film is rumoured to be a prequel to the first one... focusing on Dr. Evil and Austin's school days together.

Remaking some of the classics also appears to be popular at the moment with Wonder Woman looking to be made into a movie.. more from the perspective of the Marvel comic than the TV series. Who cares anyway... the only comic adaptation that got turned into a movie which was any good was Batman... everything else has sucked the donkey. Willy Wonka is still looking likely to be made.. although the rumours about Marilyn Manson starring in the role previously played by Gene Wilder are unsubstantiated. Tim Burton was the original man asked to direct but it's still not confirmed whether he's in or not. If there's one way to make this remake work, it's to have Burton as director, this film has Burton written all over it IMO.

For all of you that enjoyed Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense, director M. Night Shyamalan is directing Signs. A film about crop circles... not sure if he can make that one as interesting as the last two but you never know... rumour has it he's being paid an 8 figure sum for writing Signs and another project for Disney, that should be enough incentive for anyone. It's due for release in Autumn 2002 and stars Mel Gibson and the sassy Joaquin Phoenix, so it already has some redeeming features.

Martin Scorsese's next project is Gangs of New York due for release in July 2002. Staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz in "a sweeping tale of Irish gangsters in New York, beginning in the Tammany Hall era and moving into the 20th century." Sounds a bit like a cross between The Godfather and The Age of Innocence to me. After that, his next project is Dino, "The life and adventures of Dean Martin during the years he hung out with the 'Rat Pack' members." It's written by Paul Schrader and Nicholas Pileggi so that alone almost guarantees it to be worthy in my book.

The Man Who Wasn't There
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Lastly you lucky Coen fans out there get to see the new Coen Brothers movie The Man Who Wasn't There from the end of this month... It's released on October 25th both Brit side and States side. It's a bit of a move away from their usual casting, with no John Turturro or John Goodman in sight. But there's the usual cameo from Ted Raimi and Billy Bob Thornton takes the lead in this crime and comedy thriller of a barber who decides to blackmail his adulterous wife's lover. Francis Macdormand stars and it looks to be a cross between Body Double and Miller's Crossing (for you Coen fans who know their stuff)... this is a MUST see.

Their next project is a WWII war movie called To The White Sea not due out till the autumn of 2002.

Thats all for now... feel free to ask any questions about any of the movies mentioned or about any other up and coming movies you have queries about.

Sunday, 21 October, 2001 @ 11.40pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm
Tales for the L33T presents: Romeo & Juliet

Friday, 19 October, 2001 @ 11.46pm GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

Nerd Mary makes me horny. She wants you to REQUEST A FAN SIGN! How many cam chicks do you know that actually want fan sign requests?! Not many, so wutchoo waiting for?

All Look Same? - Chinese, Japanese, Korean. Can you tell the difference? I managed to get 9 out of 18 right.

Tard Dance - The tard in front of the truck at the bottom is the best.

Remember Xiao Xiao No. 3, that stick figure Flash movie? Here's the follow-up: Xiao Xiao No. 4!

X-Men vs. Street Fighter - Play this online via the wonders of Shockwave.

Pupil, 12, expelled for playing with himself

A school in Chile is facing legal action after expelling a 12-year-old boy for masturbating in class.

His parents say the behaviour is normal for his age and are calling on the school to overturn the expulsion or be challenged in court.


Oh please. The parents are blaming the school for not teaching this kid that it's unacceptable to crack one off during class? I can't remember ever being taught not to wank during a lesson, you just know it's not an appropriate thing to do. If the parents had taught their kid some common sense, maybe this wouldn't have happened. I wonder if he got to shoot his load onto some chick's hair. Gotta hate that. Not that I've had sperm in my hair before.

Angelica Bridges nudes

Angelica Bridges

Angelica1   --   Angelica2   --   Angelica3

Angelica4   --   Angelica5   --   Angelica6   --   Angelica7

Angelica8   --   Angelica9   --   Angelica10   --   Angelica11

Saturday, 13 October, 2001 @ 12.09am GMT
Posted by Floorgasm

I love my bitches. That Katy always seems to be scoffing something or other. And that mentalist Mary r0xx0rs. Ok you can go now Katy..



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